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The Ayurveda based Madhavbaug clinic is an initiative of the Mumbai based prestigious Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories private ltd. Our clinics carry the vision to set the industry standard for excellence in providing quality Ayurvedic healthcare services to our patients. At the Madhavbaug Clinic, you get one of the widest ranges of services that could be provided under one roof - consultations, preventive health checks, copyrited treatment of "Sampurna Hridaya Shuddhikaran" on Heart diseases, Ayurvedic and modern diagnostic methods and technologies. Simply a one-stop shop for all your primary health care needs.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of patient care, showing dignity and compassion toward those we serve, promoting teamwork and accountability among our employees, while earning the respect of our peers in the healthcare community.

At The Madhavbaug Clinic we believe that good health is a precious gift and timely, preventive healthcare enables you to enjoy years and years of uninterrupted good health. Our medical and non-medical staff at The Madhavbaug Clinics is experienced and dedicated to serve all your day-to-day healthcare needs. In a nutshell the Madhavbaug Clinic vision epitomizes commitment to deliver quality Ayurvedic healthcare with a human touch and at a price that is affordable.


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What our patients have to say about us

More than 50000 Heart patient has been treated at Madhavbaug Clinics in various part of Maharashtra and India successfully we have got some feedback from patients about our treatment. Here, What Patients has to say about our treatments!!!

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