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Sane Care Weight Loss Product

Fastest & Safest Way to Lose Weight - NO SIDE EFFECTS

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NANO GEL (150gm)
Reduces accumulated fats on the abdomen, arms, legs, thighs and double chin.

The Natural Extracts in Nano Gel travel deep into the skin and act directly on the extra deposited fat and reduces the intracellular water. Use it on the belly, thighs, breasts and any other areas where you want the fat loss.

Body Tone capsules (60 capsules)
For faster result Use It with Herbal Body Tone capsules, of Sane care.

This ayurvedic herbs are predominantly used for dissolving and eliminating excessive fat. It also helps to eliminate unwanted toxins from blood. This combination also helps in improving the digestive power and fat metabolism of body.

Nano Gel's And Bodytone Capsule results have been tried and tested on thousands of consumers/ patients from Madhavbaug Clinics spread across 160 centers.

Special Weight Loss Panchkarma Treatment

Also Madhavbaug clinics has a special weight loss udvaratana panchkarma treatment that helps to dissolves the extra fat deposition (obesity). In Udvartana, herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements.

Major benefits: Treatment for weight loss, tones skin and muscle, removes cellulite, imparts good complexion, revitalizes sense of touch and removes Kapha toxins from the body.

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