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 Sr. No. Product Name Qty MRP
1 Slim Fit – Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml  1 499
2 Vegetable Cleanser – Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml  1 200

Breakfast Combo Kit


You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No. Product Name Qty MRP
1 Lentigrain Idli Mix - 250gms  1 120
2 InstaHealth Thalipeeth Mix - 250gms  1 180
3 Digy-smooth Moong Daliya - 250gms  1 180
4 Multipro Soya Dhokla - 250gms  1 220
5 Nutriboom Ghavan Mix - 250gms  1 220
6 Powerplus Muthiya Mix - 250gms  1 150
7 Prosix Dosa - 250gms  1 250

Digy-smooth Moong Daliya


Start your morning with a healthy breakfast. Madhavbaug Wellness Moong Daliya Mix is made of a healthy combination of green gram dal, daliya, and wheat bran.

It is specially made to boost your energy levels and save you from potentially eating something unhealthy.

Net weight - 250 gms (Makes 12 Servings)

InstaHealth Thalipeeth Mix


When your life is hectic, eating healthy does not have to be compromised. InstaHealth Thalipeeth Mix is rich in dietary fiber which provides a myriad number of health benefits. Enjoy this healthy breakfast and get the energy to carry you throughout the day.

Quantity : 250 g (6 medium-sized Thalipeeths)

Lentigrain Idli Mix


Kick-start your day with our healthy Idli Mix that keeps you feeling full longer and curb the untimely hunger pangs.

Combined with boiled rice, lentil, black gram dal, barley, and fenugreek seeds, Madhavbaug Wellness Idli Mix is a healthy breakfast option for the health-conscious.

Net weight – 250 gms (12 Medium Sized Idlis)

Multipro Soya Dhokla


Multipro Soya Dhokla Mix is an excellent alternative to regular breakfast. Enriched with soya, a great source of protein contains all the essential nutrients required to maintain good health. This nutritional powerhouse is all you need to start your day.

Quantity : 250 g (Makes 30 Servings)

Nutriboom Ghavan Mix

‘Health requires healthy food.’ Madhavbaug Wellness brings you Nutriboom Ghavan Mix, a healthy breakfast option for the fitness lovers. Made with the goodness of Green gram dal, Bengal gram dal, Split black gram dal, Nutriboom Ghavan Mix is a savoury anytime food.
Net weight - 250 gms (Makes 12 Chillas)

Powerplus Muthiya Mix


Break the unhealthy eating habits with Powerplus Muthiya Mix. Enriched with ashwagandha, green gram, lentils, wheat bran, sorghum, this Mithiya Mix is a perfect balance of taste and health.

Quantity : 250 g (Makes 30 Servings)

Prosix Dosa

Kick-start your day on a healthy note with our Prosix Dosa. It has key ingredients like Kidney beans, red rice, black gram, soybeans, oats, wheat bran, and dry ginger. Specially made for all fitness-freaks, this power-packed breakfast will keep you away from all the unnecessary calories.
Quantity: 250 gms (Makes 12 Dosas)

Protein Breakfast Kit


You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No. Product Name Qty MRP
1 Prosix Dosa - 250gms  2 250
2 Soya Dhokla - 250gms  1 220